Sunday, March 18, 2012


Me and Jenn <3

So cute ^^

Avaro's note :

I take a little break with the pink room to finish Office Mascot ^^ At last


  1. Aww, I want more! Love yout office mascot story too though :). Nice pic, though they need higher platform heels. Its time to put aside those training heels and get some real ones!

  2. Pig-tails!
    very bimbo-like

  3. I love this!!
    I have been waiting to see them side by side and I have to say I'm very happy with it. I love the pig tails.Plus I love how one white and the other is black. I cant wait to see what happen to them next. Maybe bigger heel or B&B?

  4. When you get back to the Pink Room, Jenni had better be a fully converted bimbo.

  5. The Yin and Yang! Beautiful! :D

  6. Sugar & Spice, one Naughty, one Nice ^_^

  7. Needs a redhead.

  8. Ok but office mascot sems stuck also.

  9. Nearly one month without any update for Pink Room or Office Mascot...

    Why do you say you want to finish a story when there is, obviously, nothing to see ?

    1. It's a question of time Mr.
      Doing a render requires time... If Avaro is now posting 18-20 new pics of Office Mascot it's not because he decided yesterday to make them...
      He needed time for doing 20 pics!

      I'm sad to see no update here but I understand the reasons under his choice.
      By the way I hope, when he return here, that "time" is passed also in the room, maybe with Jenn or Kari explaining why they remained silent for so long...A realistic reason can be: Kari is not more in the room (for example).

  10. So... Office Mascot is finished and I´m waiting for news from Kari and Jenn... Can´t wait, but I know it´s not easy... Love your work!