Tuesday, December 27, 2011

coaching :p

Kari speaking !!

As u said i had to take care of jennifer !

So i cheered her to exercises with me ^^

she talk to me  about her life and her painful splitting :((( ...it was her first boyfriend :o

i know what Kari has to do now ;p


KaRi <33333333333


  1. Make out with her? I think you need to make out with her.

  2. yeah that sounds about right

  3. she needs to become as sexy as kari, then she'll probably be able to choose the boyfriend of her dreams

  4. I love the way Kari took her role of teacher - started to listen to Jenni but also makes her start a new life... ;_) Great it is!

    I guess Jenni will need more time for being horny and open and free about sex issues.... Just incase she - natural girl sees Kari becoming perfect definition of bimbo. It´´s going slow but good :_)

  5. Great job so far Kari! Jeni is finally starting to open up a little thanks to you! Now you say you know what to do? I can't wait to see what you have in store for her, or better yet, how you will accomplish it.
    I totally agree with anon 4, if she can live up to her full potential, Jeni can have as many men (or women ;) as she desires.
    Start slow. Now that you have a list of things that you need to work on with Jeni, it shouldn't be too much trouble encouraging her to help herself and make a change for the better.
    Kari, your doing so wonderfully, keep up the good work hun, and soon you will have a friend, lover, partner? all of the above?
    Finally, thank you Avaro for all your wonderful work up until this point, I find it too be beautifully done, and most entertaining. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Great idea with silver spotrs clothes. Maybe, while Kari is "pink", Jen could be "silver".

  7. Ooooh such a great teacher. I hope Kari takes her time and makes Jen feel special. After all, that's what a girl needs after a breakup. That and chocolate. Hehe.


  8. Kari took the best role for this situation and now that she has gotten Jennifer to open up, we can start to destroy the walls of insecurity. Part of me thinking...why not start with what gets her turn on and off and get her to open up sexually like...watching a pron together while Jennifer is on Kari's lap and slowly touches her skin...

  9. Hmmm... Perhaps if Kari is taking the role of teacher, Jen should take the role of schoolgirl? Short skirts, pigtails and flashing her panties whilst writing lines sounds like a good start!

  10. Jenni, you should listen to kari. she is like smart and stuff. she will like totaly help you be better. I mean just look at kari, she is the best. love ya kari.

  11. make her red hed xD

  12. Well this isn't TG stuff... I do not want Jeni to end with you know what.
    Also - black hair - long an straight with pink streaks - would suit her better IMHO.