Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free soon ?

KaRi speaking !!

OMG I had a message :

Last Test :
sharing what u have learned 

Not sure what it means

But I can't wait ^^


KaRi <33333333333 


  1. It's great. Maybe you will have to convince a female friend or your sister (if you have one ?) how wonderful it is to be a bimbo ? Maybe some pussy licking action ?

    But I'd say I would like to see some changes again on you. It's been a really long time since you had your last body modification. Please, show us something new really soon.

  2. Wow, it would be great that you will become a bimbo instructor. Yeaha, more action!

  3. Well what's the point of becoming a Bimbo if you can't share all your wonderful new tricks with the world? With as many as possible of course :)
    Though perhaps a few minor tweaks might be in order to cement your purpose and nature to anyone who sees you ;)

  4. I would prefer some other changes on you before you get free.

    But I also think, this could possibly happen if you have to teach a friend (or sister) to be a really good bimbo...

    So far, show the world how good you are!

  5. I think it would be a nice surprise if one of your plain friends from your past life woke up in the room with you. I'm sure she would be shocked, but eventually come around...

  6. A new girl to be trained by you... or finally someone who's not a pink mannequin with test your bimbo skills?

  7. a little bigger lips, ass, tits and lower IQ, and she can begin to teach bimbo stuff to a young student...

  8. I think you need to teach atleast 2 future bimbos all you've learned while you learn how to become a bondage bimbo.

  9. yes, it would be cool, if you have to convert a student woman, that is very far away from being a bimbo, maybe a political lesbian, a punkrock grrrl, ...

  10. I like the bondage bimbo idea ;)

  11. I think it's ironic that Caroline never gets to leave the pink room. Kari is NOTHING like Caroline,

  12. Awwww... Kari, don't you like it here? ;P
    I know you must be eager to suck some real cock for a change but still... This place must be special to you now, right? This is where you became the truly beautiful woman that you are now.

    Oh well, I for one hope you stay a little longer and get a couple more upgrades before you go.

    Your tits are beautiful but some rounder/fuller shaped implants (like perfect bowls) and huge inflated lips would be amazing! Don't you think? I really hope they indulge you with some new implants.

    In any case, your new bimbo life is about to start for real, Kari. Have you thought about what you'll do when you get out? A new job maybe?... ;)