Saturday, July 30, 2011

It happens again !

I wake up again, this time I find some foods and a phone...
But it seems I can only take some photos with it...


  1. Well at least you won't starve (though you may need to figure a way to get water since that is extremely important for survival).

    A phone that only takes pictures? Whoever kidnapped you could have just a camera and called it a day. Prehaps there is a purpose to this phone that has yet to be relieved. Keep an eye out for any possible texts that could be coming your way.

  2. you're either a sound sleeper or the person who kidnapped you found a way to force you to sleep (using gas or something similar)

    and with the phone... pictures of the room probly won't help to locate you...

    even if you can't dial out... maybe the person who keeps you in the room is able to dial-in... so don't get startled if it rings

  3. Why don't you look at the phone memory ? Maybe there are some photos or some numbers that could give hints to you.

  4. can you connect the phone to the computer in any way?
    if you can, write down the anything that gets censored, take a picture of it then upload the picture to the blog.
    If the picture gets censored to it probably means that the censorship is being done manually and that they are monitoring you.