Sunday, July 31, 2011

My cell ...

The curtains are fixed...

And I have a bathroom ...


  1. I know a gilded cage is still a cage but still there are worse places to be locked inside.

    It might not help much but maybe the magazines have an address on them. Odds are it's not where you are but at least you might figure out what city you're in.

  2. Exercise can help pass the time. Sit on the bike a while.

    Or you can explore the dresser.

  3. Can you tell us more about the computer you're using?
    Is it windows/mac or a custom machine?
    Is the actual machine in there with you or are you at a workstation (aka keyboard and screen)?
    Do you have access to any of the system files?
    When you restart it do you get any options?
    Any info at all on the pc might help.

    Also, are there any locked doors? If not check the walls, floor and ceiling for how you were put in there (any cracks, change in texture or sound when knocked on etc). Pay particular attention to the ceiling since (unless you're a long way underground or in a bomb shelter) that should be the weakest point of the room in-case you need to smash through to escape.

    Since they probably gassed you, look for any ventilation ducts or grills. Blocking them off straight away would be a bad idea since you need to breathe but knowing where they are could be useful.

    In the mean time lets talk about protecting you from being gassed again.
    You need to make a basic breathing filter. The main thing used in a breathing filter is carbon because chemicals are absorbed by it easily.
    If there is anything in there made of wood you try part burning that to make some charcoal (don't think wood ash would work but worth a try).
    Look for a fat tube (a wide shampoo bottle with bottom cut off?) and fill it with layers of fabric with carbon dust in between.
    Breathe through one end to use the filter.

    If anyone else knows more, feel free to chip in your bit.


  4. I hope you like the colour pink... it seems to be your kidnappers favorite ;x

    (I think you're not able to break through the doors by force ?)

  5. I would look at the magazines first. Are they in English, French, or any other languages ? It could at least show in which country you are.