Sunday, July 31, 2011


As you see I had a message from "them" ... they add :
Don't do things you may regret...Assignments will follow.

What the hell I suppose to do ? !


  1. Keep yourself occupied, I guess. Read some magazines, ride the bike. They don't seem to be willing to let you out anytime soon, so make the best of it.

  2. it seems you can't do anything for the moment (at least nothing to get out of this room)

    find out how "they" manage to get into the room without waking you up and find a way to avoid it

    maybe you can get out of the room while they're occupied (or at least take a photo of the space behind the door)

  3. Ahah! You are so funnt pretending to be trapped!
    You are exciting us so much....
    When do you start your show?

  4. Well you have a TV, I'm morbidly curious about what they'll let you watch.

  5. Okay, this confirms more than two people. Someone with a lot of money, someone who knows computers, someone with a lot of time on their hands, someone who knows a bit about fashion considering the magizines, or combonations of the following. If this rings any bells, confirm if you know people like that, but don't say the name. They'll censor it.

    They have assignments coming apparently. Prehaps if we know what they want you do, we can get a clear profile on these people or give you an idea of who these people could be. Keep providing updates and prehaps everyone can start putting the pieces together.

  6. Just wait for your assignments. Clearly, "they" want something from you.

  7. You are fool! You don't understand she's a fake!
    She isn't trapped... It's just a scene for her captivating you before starting to strip!!

    And I can't wait to see this happening!

  8. Just follow the orders... and wait your chance! When You think its time is yours, grab it!

  9. Gees, some of these anonymous posters aren't very encouraging. Possibly in on the kidnapping and what's going on? My theory continues on!

  10. Well... Some guys here have a good point. Can you prove us that you're really kidnapped and are not fooling with us because you're bored ?
    I want to help you, but I want to be sure that I am not losing my time.