Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Kari speaking

i wakeup alone today

they said they take care of jenni, 

I miss her :(

do u like my hairstyle ? :o


KaRi <3333


  1. I like your hairstyle.

    Jenni will return... different.

  2. I get the feeling that while Jenni will be unhappy when she first returns, within a day or two, you will find yourself being closer and closer with her.

  3. Jenni will return soon for sure... Don't be afraid!

    But by the way: Do your boobs become bigger more and more? It seems so...

  4. Not bad but I like your last one better.
    I hope Jenni returns soon.

  5. LOVE THE HAIR! Jenni's probably due for some surgeries, and maybe some brainwashing. Soon, she'll end up as dumb as you!

  6. Looking good. Got to agree with the last post, your boobs look bigger than ever!

    Looking forward to seeing what they have done to Jenni, but also hope that there is still a little more to work on for Kari as well?

  7. I love how Kari acts concerned for Jenni, but really only wants to show off her hair style.

    <3 Material girls.

  8. I love seeing something refreshing, still, get ready to comfort Jennifer soon when she comes back Kari.

    1. I love where this has been going, but I hope Jenni doesn't come back completely brainwashed. I'd love to see her struggle with it and have Kari do most of the work in convincing her to embrace her new skutty bimbo lifestyle...

  9. I was worried this would happen. Now Jeni is going to start seeing things the pink rooms way. I had a feeling she wasn't strong enough, but rest assured dear Kari, she will.
    Jeni has endless potential Kari, and I believe that when she returns to the pink room, she will be all better.
    Do you remember what happened to you when you went against the program sweet Kari? & do you see where you are now?
    Jeni will be fine, and yes your hair is very beautiful love. Time for a show sweet Kari, show your fans why you are the undisputed goddess of the pink room while we wait for Jeni's return. I have a feeling that your reign is about to end, if you don't start working on that body of yours.

  10. Hopefully she's just going to receive the first phisical improvements... it's up to you to make her a nice, dumb doll, Kari.

  11. Honestly...i don't like your new hairstlye. But luckily it is easy to fix ;) Maybe your new girlfriend is going to help you with it when she comes back!

  12. Naaah.... Her boobs aren't bigger than a week ago...The seems bigger because with the dress she's wearing they aren't confined...
    By the way I prefer your ponytail style: it show better your beautiful face ;)

  13. You are doing a wonderfull job with Jenni... I think you'll be out of this room really soon.
    Have you already figured out what live wait you outside?

  14. I love your new hairstyle !

    It's perfect !

  15. yeah i like it.
    but your clothes are the same every time.

  16. I really do think her tits look bigger - I'm not complaining. I'd be happy if they were even bigger.

  17. love the hair! have you still been playing with the pink men or your piercings? seems as if you've been holding yourself back a bit since Jeni got here... did you show her your piercings? perhaps she might like your jewelry...

  18. It is sexy.... I wish you showed off your body a little more with it tho ;)

  19. I your new hairstyle is nice, but i liked your old one more.
    About Jenni: i'm sure she'll return soon. And I'm sure she'll have some great improvements, like you always had when you returned. :)