Friday, January 13, 2012

Party !

Hya guys ! kari speaking !

we have a real little party, yeah ! Jenni finally danced with me ^^

and after few drinks

 face to face with one of our roomate ;)


KaRi <3333333333


  1. And the true bimbofication... begins.

  2. ^^ AH, You stole my line! Haha.

  3. Perfect! Nicely done Kari to set her relax and show her arround the Pink men. :P

  4. She looks good on her knees

  5. Jenni like totaly can't be happy with her twig of a figure. what must she think when she sees herself next to Kari. next to Kari she may as well be a boy. It makes me feel sad for her. You people can make the poor girl better, you did it for Kari, please do it for poor ugly duckling little jenni. pretty please with sugger on top.

  6. More importantly: Did she swallow?

  7. Jen needs bigger boobs - but not too big too! Something like half of Kari's size. I would gladly see some more tanning sessions too - she looks little pale for me, and brunettes look nice tanned. She should wear more jewelry, silver jewelry, too - rings on her fingers, bracelets, armbands, anklechains, huge ornamented necklaces. Silver jewelry looks awesome and sexy on tanned body. I am myself huge fan of nostril piercing for girls - but not with the stud like Kari has, rather with small ring - like P!nk's - that singer. Such a ornament would totally complement Jen's look. But I know it is widely considered not as sexy as stud (wrong!) and controversial, so I have only very little hope for that.

  8. I agree with Stephanie! Jeni is hardly noticeable next to Kari. She must feel so inadequate.
    Still, good to see her loosen up! A shame we can't see more (assuming there was).

    Kari, you look incredible. Being next to Jeni really highlights how far you've come.

  9. I just love the dance one! As it shows a great shot of Kari bubble butt!Plus it great to see them side by side like that.

    When Jeni all ready playing with the guy. I cant wait to see what happen to her next.I like the idea of her get some jewelry.

  10. That's how to have some fun Jeni!! Isn't it great to let your hair down, and finally start to enjoy yourself for a change? Forget all your troubles, and let Kari take care of you baby.
    Look at what she's done for you! You are beautiful! powerful, and believe it or not, can have anything you want!
    Finally you can start to become the woman who stole that bastard ex-boyfriend and beat her at her own game.
    Isn't that wonderful baby? You can finally become the woman you've always hated and envied, at the same time!
    Just trust Kari honey, she knows what's best to turn things around for you.
    I see that you have started to entertain one of your new roomates! How exciting! I know his cock didnt get all nice and hard all by itself, so you better go ahead and finish what you started. If you need a few pointers (or even some help ;) Kari will coach you. Isn't she the greatest and most beautiful person you've ever met?
    All this time she's been there for you without question, so tell her what something you've always envied about the women youve seen on those adult movies or out on the street, and Kari will do her best to make your dreams come true.
    Did you ever wonder what it would be like to turn every head in the room? or how about becoming the center of attention? You can do it Jeni girl! Embrace the woman you've always secretly admired, and the world is yours for the taking!!

  11. Girls gone wild, in such party like that, always ends with tattoos...

  12. i thin stifeni hush is on the right track when she said jenni looked kinda likee a boy. you people shold bring in&bimmbofi a gilyish boy

  13. Ok, but were are her new boobies please?