Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello ...

I didn't write because some comments clearly scared me...

I always been reserved; but it's easy to talk to Kari about personal things despite what you see; She's a good listener and a sweet girl .

And she's right ; doing sports / exercises help to pass the time .
I'm really surprise by my tan, my skin used to turn red.

I begin to lose my sense of time...

Kari want to try things on me...


  1. I guess Kari will start with make-up and eyebrows. New hair and bigger boobies :_) Jenni seems to be relaxed finally :_)
    Kari´s legs looks pretty muscular from this view... :_D I love it!

    To Jenni: No reason to be scared. Kari´s there for you. You shall be gratefull for her being there. Kari was all alone until you were placed there, she had it harder, but she made it good pretty much. When I was on the down low after my 1st break up, I started to care about myself more than ever like sunbathing 3-4 times a week, make-up, longer hair, manicure-pedicure, new clothes and going to the gym... This all helped me a lot :_) Try it too :_) Mah beauty-tip for you: Eyeslasher... There´s never enough or too much of it. I use 5 eyelashers on my lashes :_D Maybe tattoo can be a sign of your broken heart to always remind you, you won´t be such silly chick to cry another tear for bastard like your ex-boyfriend anymore.

  2. Oh, an idea - maybe can Kari show Jenni some of her old posts. I wonder how will Jenni react to them :_D

  3. You might as well try new things Jennifer, being inside a room for a long time will end up losing the meaning of the word time. Good part is that you have someone so your not alone beside the comments.

  4. I apologize for some of the comments. Apparently some people here don't get on to treat someone in this situation.

    As for my opinion, just stick with Kari and do what she does. Apparently, she is on the right track to getting out of the place and has do one more thing. You should probably just follow her lead, despite how bad it maybe, since it is the only opition that won't get your hurt.

    On a different note, DEAR GOD! Kari! Stop that! That could seriously hurt your neck in some fashion!

  5. Jeni, Kari is the sweetest! She would not make you do anything you yourself wouldn't want to do. Get to know her she is more than what she seems to be, I suspect.
    So Kari wants to try some things on you huh? Its okay, you may as well have some fun while your there, but remember that both you and Kari are in this thing together. You need to back each other up and work as a team. Its the only way to get released.
    Another thing, your tan looks great by the way, and I'm so glad that your finally ready to take the next step in finding the new you.
    Just listen to Kari because she heard your story about that awful breakup you had and is ready to help you get pass all that.
    Stay focused, open minded, and put yourself in Kari's capable (and experienced) hands. Try to open up, have some fun, dance, laugh, sing, be the person you never thought you could be!!! Love you guys!!!

  6. nice yoga pose kari. is that plow?

  7. i think "them" sold bring in a nerdy boy a sissy-fai/bibo-fai him up

    like what happend to karl in the car model

    kari shold be like,no no boys alowd. you gota be a girl, or sum shit like that

  8. Okay, so far, things have been good. Kari is taking the "Care-taker" pheromones well and started to take care of Jen. Hopefully, Jen won't try to escape, I really don't want to see her suffer.