Monday, August 1, 2011

Topless ?!

I had a new message !! They want I publish a topless picture ?!
No way !
They or he or she ?! add a big mirror ... so I used it, it's the best I can do !

Thx for your advices, exercises help to pass the time ... 
But I still have the same clothes...and the dresser is empty...

And believe me or not, I'm locked in this tasteless room !


  1. Exercise isn't a bad idea. The better shape you are in, the easier you can resist them if they try doing anything to you. Have the shown themselves in any way except the cell phone?

  2. Best do as they say, darling, you don't want to make your captors angry; who knows WHAT they could do to you! (purring!). As for your clothes, Caroline, wouldn't you want to wear something a little more sexy and pretty to show off those cute little titties of yours? Of course you do, darling! So when your new clothes finally do arrive have fun and be the sexy, pretty girl you really want to be! May as well have some fun while you're here!

    And don't forget to read ALL your magazines, watch the TV shows and movies they've provided for you, and let that soft, pretty music play ALL night long, Precious!

    (giggles evilly!)

  3. who knows what they do if you disobey their advices...
    oh well, you'll find out sooner or later ;x

  4. The second anonymous poster makes me very suspicious and adds to my theory of the kidnappers possibly being commentors...

    I have no advice regarding this text. The only possibly reason to not do what they say is to find out the consequences. If you want to use this first text as a test to figure out what they'll dish at you for ignoring them, feel free to be careful.

    Also, my profile expands to suggest these are perverted individuals. Still not much a read on them yet. Keep us posted with what'll happen.

  5. Perverted? Moi, darling?!? Hardly. We just want to have a little fun with this scrumptious little morsel. If you ask me, she could use a little loosening up and being shown a good and very sexy (sexual?) time... ;)

    What's to be afraid of, Caroline darling? Hmmmmmm? Perhaps finding out who and what you really are or maybe really want to be???

    (purring lustily)

  6. Wait? When did they add the mirror? While you were sleeping? I'm starting to suspect this is an elaborate hoax Caroline. I mean if you were really kidnapped you'd think you're name would appear on a missing persons list by now.

    You should cut the act before you get in trouble with the authorities and try another angle for your strip show.

  7. Anonymous #2! I thought we were ordered not to communicate with her through any means but text! You better hope the guys upstairs don't find out about this, or you might find yourself in one of these rooms too!