Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dancing for him


OMG !!
I was waiting for my music :((  ...but my new man turns on when I touch the pole !

So I began to dance...

His cock grow as I was moving....I was so hawt

I couldn't resit to take little good time with him :p


Kari <3


  1. Good job Kari! You figured out how to turn on your man. Keep it up and soon you will be free :)

  2. Because it's a different mannequi, maybe you should try to taste his stuff too. I'm sure it has different taste and texture, and maybe it will excite you or make you more happy. Or even reshape some parts of your body, who knows ?

    By the way, if you want to become a true sex bomb, you should begin to train yourself with woman. Try to search information about sapphic relations. I know you'll find exciting to become a lesbian. Maybe you could ask to your captor that they bring you a female friend of your ? Give them the adress, the phone number, etc, and they should help you to practice lesbianism with her. ;)

  3. Best darth Sideous impresion here "Everything that has transpired has done so exactly as I had forseen it."

  4. Do you even WANT to leave anymore?

  5. Kari is definitely not Caroline anymore!

  6. hey sweety maybe you can use your pink friend AND a dildo, be imaginary

  7. so hot ! please keep going

  8. good work, sweetie :)
    If you keep it up, maybe they'll give you some pot or coke to help you when you're down.

  9. She's got to be close to being released, but I hope that's not the end of the story. I'd like to see her in her new life ... as a club dancer!