Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A new pink friend !

Kari the boring :( girl here

I do my best to leave my pinky room :( you know...

I have a new pink friend but he doesn't work ..




  1. Isn't there a pole in front of him...?

    Maybe you should try a pole dance or better a lap dance. This may also be the raison why you had to learn to dance very sexy...

    Give it a try, Kari!

  2. Just make sure to put on your favorite music from those speakers and just let yourself go. I'm sure your new pink friend won't find you boring anymore.

  3. The question is : why would you want it to work ? Is it necessary for you to escape, or do you just find pleasure with what you're doing with its tool ??

  4. I agree that a pole dance is necessary to activate the mannequin. You like to dance anyway, right Kari?

    This is probably training for your new life after you leave, so do your best for yourself, not just for the mannequin!

  5. Time for a lap dance. Oh and btw, your not boring, you just need to go with the flow and eagerly do what is required. Its your only chance to be released.

  6. come on show us your sexy moves !

  7. That manneguin is one of the new toys the Boss ordered for you, this one is pleased in a different way. Heres a hint, "get ready for some dancing!"