Saturday, October 15, 2011


Kari still here ;)

I was pretty occupy you know...The ring constantly rubbing my little clitty...

The dick of my pink friend is bigger than ever... when I play with it :o !!
So I had an idea >_< !

So I used the little sofa :p Yeah !

And action :D Doggy style ! 


Kari <3


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about Kari! Your starting to explore what its like to be a hot piece of ass! Maybe they'll let you put your ever growing skills on a real man next time, but for now, keep it up and very soon your captors will let you go. Well the new you anyway..Kari the big titted bimbo!!

  2. Avaro, make that cock get HUGE. Lets see her fucking a Mandingo sized cock :D

  3. Oh no…

    Kari love, I don’t want to mean to you or anything but…

    I think that you really it fuck up.

    First, you “pink fiend” only opens the door when he cums, so that you get your food. Now that you have fuck him I think that him will not cum when you give him a blowjob. It seems that from now on you need to fuck him to open the door and get your food.

  4. The expression on her face in the top pic (looking at the dick)is priceless. I LOVE those lips!

    That look, and her actions next, confirm that Kari's mind has definitely been altered.

  5. Your speech is different... simpler?

  6. Nice... but we can't see if you're doing vaginal or anal.

    If it's vaginal, maybe you should try anal then. Or try to ask for a mannequin with two dicks, thus you could do the 2 at the same time. Or maybe a 2nd mannequin so that you can practice fucking and suckin at the same time.

    Anyway, I think you should have more piercings or rings now that you love them. One on the tongue, of course, and some others on lips or eyebrows.

  7. You still need much bigger tits... I wonder why they haven't been doing polls anymore.

  8. Yes, it is starting to become boring.

    Updates are rarer and rarer (2 by weeks, at the best).
    Polls are rare and rarer (1 by week, at the best).

    The all thing is not progressing...

  9. I agree with a tongue piercing, but don't think she needs bigger boobs ... they are fine.

    Also. I think the wait between updates gives people the opportunity to comment, which is good.
    Anticipation is good, too ... as long as it is eventually rewarded.

  10. Would love longer nails and more jewelry...
    rings and bracelets for example:-)

  11. I agree with just bob, Avaro is working hard to keep us updated and its obvious he wants to present his very best. Be patient and we will be rewarded. Kari is one sexy woman and it will take time for her to fully embrace her new destiny!

  12. Well, the inflation of the penis is completely beyond me. And I'm the kidnappers main assistant now. Apparently, the last assistant was going to black mail "Boss," as I'm allowed to call my employer. So Boss allowed me to use her as a guinea pig for a few..... "suprises" for you Kari.