Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ohOoh !!!

Kari here !

My battery r full again  !! Look at this !!! Youhou !
I watch pole dance dvds , it's soo easyy ! Can u belive it !!


Kari <3


  1. I bet you cannot wait for real cock whore

  2. Great, great... But seeing your body like this, it's not fake enough to be bimbo-like. You need many more things :
    - tattoos
    - jewels, rings, piercings
    - boobs rounder, bigger, and more fake than these ones
    - shoes with higher platforms and higher heels

    Ans maybe you should work on your makeup too, so that your face looks like fake too, with tons of mascara and blush, and lipstick.

  3. Yes, to look cutie, she needs to look faker. Her last objective must be to speak, act and look like a barbie doll

  4. I'd would be funny to see her reaction if she saw a picture of her old self
    Confront her!!
    Maybe she doesn't even recognize herself

  5. Awesome job Kari! It looks like your certainly making an effort to be the hottest, sexiest woman you can be. But why not take it a step further love? To be the best you need to think and act like the best. Along with your pole dancing dvds, watch some porn, get some new ideas, and most importantly, start getting into pleasing all your potential clients, including other women. Your doing great and coming along beautifully. Keep up the bad work doll. ;p ;p

  6. I agree with anonymous nr 2, and I'd like to add:
    longer nails.

  7. Update for this evening ! Please !!!!!

  8. Never got the chance to see that luscious ass yet. Full body shots please!