Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flying Angel

Angel Kari here lol

hawt ? Kissies 4 ur ideas !!

hey i know i have to leave my pink men !!
The more i make u hard or wet the suuner i ll be out !


Kari O:-)


  1. Angel Wings! very cute! and so hot! Looks like your getting good with that pole luv. Lets hope its enough to convince your handlers to let you go soon. Keep working hard and it will pay off eventually. Wish I could see what's going on up front, but from where I'm standing, its beautiful girl! Oh and love the thongs you've been wearing, very sexy.

  2. You are such a lovely slut. It looks like u have learned all the carnal arts and understand you place is on your knees. I hope your new life as a bimboslut is a happy one

  3. It's hard to believe that smart girl has been reduced to this cum guzzling moron. Caroline will never be free of the pink room because she does not exist anymore. I hope Kari meets Sweet Doll or Kandie someday.

  4. You're making me hard everytime I see you now... but... your sexual skills are still not good enough to let me cum and to let you go!
    Train hard to improve your motions and your appearance!
    And maybe there is a far day that your captors decide to let you go because you're ready...

  5. Will we know why she became that dumb ??
    I'd like to see an IQ test for Kari and Caroline, maybe she's just faking and is still smart ...?
    Otherwise, I'm sure she will be a good porn actress or prostitute when she'll come out.


  6. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if you were still fucking that pink friend of yours when you get your food tray or have your tried new methods like titty fucking? anal? or have you tried filling all your holes at once?

  7. Remember Kari: Girls are as good as boys, and topless is freedom!

  8. I agree with the others. We need a way to make ABSOLUTELY SURE Kari is not as smart as Caroline. This way, she'll never question being turned in to what she is, and we'll no she's not faking.

  9. What about Kari still very smart and intelligent, but also absolutely loving what she become?

  10. You're starting to look very hot... For sure.
    There is still, however, a lot of room for improvement my dear Kari.

    Your face is pretty but it's not bimbo material yet. A nosejob would do you nicely and your lips could use a lot more plumping. In terms of your body, your boobs have a nice shape but are still too small and need more projection. Bigger butt implants might look good too, but that's not really necessary.

    Longer hair maybe? I don't know. I'm sure your captors will come up with something, seeing the work they've done thus far I fully trust their judgement.

  11. (Much) bigger tits, lips and ass would be wonderfull !
    Luv u bimboslut

  12. Butt enlargement. Lip enlargement. Large lip ring. Large nose ring.

  13. Tattoo hearts all over you.