Saturday, November 12, 2011

nose ?

Kari here ...

i read comment about my nose ?

do you like it  or not ? I made a poll


Kari <3


  1. Your nose is ok, but if you want to be a real bimbo you must be fake head to toes !

    By the way, did you start to think about sapphic relations ?
    You should ask for photos of your former female friends, and masturbate in front of them.

  2. What on earth is wrong with her nose? You people are all ridiculous.

  3. Nose could be made a bit smaller and cuter for sure.

    Boobs are starting to look good now (Probably not ready for an upgrade there yet) but you need those lips pumped up a bit more to match!

  4. Kari is becoming more beautiful and sexy every time I see her. I don't see anything wrong with your nose personally, but in the interest of your fans along with your captors, why not? Become beauty enhanced, take those features to the maximum Kari! and soon, you will be free. May I also suggest you make a sexy movie and post it on the web? Im sure it would be so hot and get you loads of fans!! Happy Makeover!!

  5. Your nose has to match to your (new) appearance!

    If you want to be a little girly like sweet teenage whore bimbo your nose need to be smaller...

    If you want to act as an adult super bimbo slut your nose might be okay, how it looks now...

    But I think a few more little surgeries cannot be that wrong. So I voted for a nose job.

    And Anonymous1 and Anonymous3 are right. There could be much more to do... for example your lips, your legs, your tendons, your waist and perhaps your tits and your ass a second time...

    I ask you, do you ever want to come free and try to become a real bimbo...?

  6. Yes to the nose job. That would help complete the look!

    Also, agree with earlier comments about the legs, too muscular at the moment.

    Fuller lips and maybe topping up the tan would be great as well.

  7. I would be harder if you'd prove to us that you have learned to please your pink friends - this is not all about you, you know.

    You need to learn how to please men properly.

  8. I would rather she had a faker looking nose. Give her an Asian nose maybe.

  9. afree for the nose job and for pumping up the lips one more time........maybe way off but a cute little tail would be nice..........if not possible to do a surgery for that, then an outfit with a kitty theme maybe?????

  10. Yes, a cute little asian nose would be very sexy!

  11. Well, only thing I'd like to change about your nose is the jewelry. I am not a fan of nose studs - I prefer nose rings, but not the bullish one, through spetum, but through nostril, like your current piercing. Only with a sexy hoop instead a stud ;)

  12. well, your poll is closed, are you happy with the result, or maybe you can do more ? ;)

  13. I have the bad feeling that polls are merely an excuse for doing nothing during near to one week... :(

  14. hey shut up everibody has his own life ! if you're not happy do your work yourself

  15. Yes to the nose ring. I like the idea of a small one in the septum. Not like a bull, more like a pet, eager to please.

    The legs are fine. Muscle is strong, strong is sexy.

    Maybe the "pink men" should now include a pink lady or two to round out her skills.