Monday, November 21, 2011

new style !

kari speaking !!

Do u like it ? I still little painful but..

I love it...I look like a real doll

Look at my dress lol , i feel so wild

Meow ;p

I use lot of hair spray for my hair  !

I could make my pink men cum just by looking at me lol and some u ;)


KaRi <33333


  1. You look like a drag queen...not a good thing.

  2. Kari, you look absolutely great! Don't let you tell otherwise.
    You face is the most beautiful I've ever seen...
    But I think the next step should be to avoid wearing panties. Believe me, your dress is quite long enough to dare that.

  3. You look like a sexy idiot.

    It's.. beautiful.

  4. I think you went overboard on the hair spray. Better not think about smoking otherwise your head is going up like a roman candle.

    As for looking like a doll, when was the last time you ever saw a doll?

  5. Jesus... now we have a plastic freak instead of sexty bimbo...

  6. You look great as always, what a nice improvement!

    Although it's getting kind of hard to read your posts with your sentence structure...

  7. Awesome, love the hair and the new nose is perfect!

    Looking like a real plastic bimbo now! Not sure what else needs to be done?

    Maybe its time to start another poll to decide if anything else needs improving? I can think of a few options...

    Darker Tan
    Get those lips super pumped up
    Cheek implants? For a more feminine face?
    Narrower waist?

    Overall though, looking hot!

  8. This is amazing! I love the new hairstyle. Honestly, the last one didn't do you justice.

    How about a pose showing off your new tattoo to the camera man?

  9. Hey, Sexy Kari

    Wow that nose operation has transformed you, you look so sexy and those naughty pink jaguar cloths and your long beautiful hair makes you real sex kitten, ready pounce any men like lioness in heat. It makes me want to hug and pet you, who is a good kitty, yes, you are, yes, you are.

    When I look at you, I think of song Barbie Girl by AQUA, maybe you can ask your guards to give you a CD with this song on it, and then you can hear it for yourself. Maybe it become your favored song.

    Here is a link to the lyrics of the song.

  10. OMG! Kari you look AMAZING! Totally breathtaking! You've really come a long way and you are now truly beautiful.

    I see you've also had your boobs done again, they look fantastic.

  11. you were at your hottest before you first got bangs and since then i feel like it's gotten worse and worse :( sorry

  12. N I C E very nice you look beatiful !

    Bigger tits ?? not required Bimbo tatoo star ?? hmm very good idea !!!! But You need dance your pink friend and make cum together...

  13. Really love it. I bet, no one of your old friends would recognise you at this stage. The only hot transformation, to put your makeover to the max, could be a much darker tan. The one bodybuilders take during their shows. An almost black and shiny looking skin in contrast to your white hair should drive the guys crazy

  14. I like the nu nose, but you look really trashy now... I wonder what would think you old self if she pops out one last time...

  15. Oh no! Now they've overdone it!
    The first comment is right:
    You look like a drag queen!

    That could happen, if you push things to far,
    you go over a border, and then it's not sexy
    anymore. You don't even look like a woman anymore,
    just like a carricature of a bimbo.

  16. Maybe it's not so bad, that you look like a drag queen now. You could be a spokes(wo)man against homophobic tendencies in the internet. So drag on, KaRi!

  17. Looking is NOT enough. You need to suck some more cock, and be proud to display it. Also, I do hope that you understand that fucking you in the ass is what men want from you, and what you should enjoy?

  18. I think she looks incredible.

    Only things left are maybe cheek implants,bigger boobs/butt or very slightly bigger lips (only if well done though)

    Go for a look like Sabrina Sabrok! Google her!

  19. And to anonymous who described her as 'carricature of a bimbo,'

    errr.... Missing the point?!

  20. i discovered your blog just revently and was (and still am) stunned by your changes. you really outdid yourself and i think it can't take that long anymore until you are through and through bimbo so that they release you.

    i hope you don't wrong idea when you read this and look through your old pictures, i don't want you to get a depression :D

    you went through some changes the last months, but you never wrote about how they affect you. do your feet hurt from your new platform heels? or only when you try to lay lay them flat on the ground? are your new lips affecting your speech?

    i think the "overdone" comments mean that you went a little too wild with the hair spray ... i think it would look better with less spray and a little more color, maybe some pink streaks :D

    what would you say to another tatoo? your front pictures are beautiful but a little boring, maybe because your two tatoos are on your back. i think an eyecatcher in your bikini zone would probably work wonders. in addition tatoooed nipples and areolas would look really really sexy.

    some other ideas for your fasttrack to freedom are:
    permanent makeup
    more collagen for your lips, so that they look more round and pouty
    some implants for your cheekbones and/or buccal fat reduction surgery
    and i wonder how you would look like if you had one or two ribs less ... :)

    despite that pretty long list i think you have adapted very well to your bimbo look, but i miss some real attitude. even if theres still some work on your look ahead, this lack of attitude is also the main reason why you're still in that room.
    for example your bimbo name is cute, but why dont you use it more often? try to use the third person when you're writing or talking about yourself, that would show some true bimbo attitude.

  21. Hey, Sexy Kari

    I hope that you do requests because I got one for you.

    Seeing that you are in that sexy pink jaguar Bikini, I like see photo shoot of you on all four and striking sexy poses while pretending to be a cute pussycat that slowly turns into sexy lioness in heat, hunting for a man’s cock to satisfy her burning needs and lust. Why not ask your guard to give a cute pink cat ears headband and a pink butt plug cat tail to use during the photo shoot.

    With that cat ears headband and that butt plug cat tail you can complete your naughty kitten image.

  22. I think its a bit harsh to say she looks like a drag queen, but I do agree that in the first picture her face looks a little masculine for some reason...

    It's odd, cos I think the last picture is really hot! The new nose is awesome, and I disagree with some comment about the big hair , I think it looks great!

    I don't know if its just the angles or something, but her lips and boobs look a bit bigger...have they been done again?

    But I agree with one of the posts a bit higher up about the facial surgery and more collagen in the lips. Also the rib thing could be awesome!

    Maybe tone down the make up and it would make for a more feminine look?

  23. Totally disagree about the drag queen comments, Kari is looking better than ever. But we gotta accept that this Kari will be totally hooked on changing her look now, one lot of surgery is not enough.
    I would guess she will be wanting some eye work soon, to give her a more open doe eyed look, the nose will be retrimmed, new butt implants and the removal of ribs to give a tiny doll like waist cannot be far away.

    we so gotta have some flash backs into her old life to see how her old friends react, can Kari even recall she was Caroline?

    Kari still seems quite bright and reasonably intelligent, she needs to dumb right down, she is never gonna do any sort of office or supervisory work again, so why be anything else other than really dumb n gigggly.

    She needs some more tattoos, discreet round her pussy, but also trashy, Kari ain't a nice girl anymore and everyone has gotto stop saying that she has gone too far. She is becoming a bimbo not a supermodel.

  24. I still say she could use more hips.

  25. She needs more surgery, starting with the cheeckbones

  26. I think it's time for Kari to start spreading the word.

    Kari, do you have any acquaintance who would love to get a bimbo makeup like you? A coleague, a roomate, an younger sis?

  27. totally agree for you to complete the sexy kitty image with the ears, tail plug, and maybe some fangs you could take out after the shoot as well......would LOVE to see that ;)

  28. yes..lets get her a friend in Kari can transform her to..or a she can transform him to a "her"..and have pervert sex..loooove the idear..

  29. You look dumb and fake. I'd love to put my cock into you.

  30. You are what all men dream of. A dumb blonde with huge titties.