Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo Shoot !!

Kari here !

kisses for your comments!!

A new guy is with me :o

So I choose to have fun ^^

I look so hawt :o 

I'm sure I make u hard as my pink friend ;)


Kari <3


  1. Such a lovely slut.

  2. Hard as hell!! Anxious to see what happens after the shoot. You did say your pink friend is hard. Maybe you can put those lovely DSL's to work honey. Maybe your friend sitting on the couch would like some of that action too! OMG Kari your soo hawt, I'm gonna burst!

  3. WOW! They really liked my idea. Now you can make sexy photos of yourself while pretending that you are poses for Adult Magazine like Playboy Kari.

    So Kari let us see what kind of career options are open to you when ‘They’ release in the world. I think that your old ‘Job’ is not good enough for you since you have become so sexy goddess.

    Prostitution – Working in the Prostitution is an adventure in itself. Yes, career option involves allot of bodily and sexual contact with other person, male or female, and seeing that your body is now build to be fucked this is just made for you. This job has few risks but worth it.

    Strip Club – Working in Strip Club means allot of late night work but you will get a allot of male fans and few female fans who all wanting you and lusting for you. This career is all about skills, how good are your skills in pole dancing and how sexy your stripteases, so work HARD and LONG and your will be loved by many.

    Adult Magazines – Working for Pornographic Magazines is mostly about looks, style and how many sexy poses you can do. Sometimes you have other man or girls you have to work with so do not be shy.

  4. Pretty sure once they decide Kari's slutty, stupid, and submissive enough, they'll sell her to the highest bidder.

  5. Yeah... it's time to train her to be obedient to an eventual owner... possibly keeping make her stupider and sluttier.

  6. You should try latex clothes !

  7. I love your tan Kari dear!

  8. AnonUK said...Does Kari even recognise the old Caroline now, does she even remember that she was trying to escape. I think we need to see what has happened to her intelligence, perhaps an IQ test to see how may brain cells have been rewired. Perhaps confronting her with some memories of her past life, an old girlfriend perhaps could have a video call with her. I reckon that her old friends would not even want to know her now and that rejection could make Kari even more determined to reject her old life and embrace the only life her body is made for.

  9. Hey Kari, why don't you get the photographer to take pictures of you "servicing" him, I'm sure your fans would love it!!

  10. Hey sexy Kari and you Guys off course to!

    I found something, some guy by the name of "Rick" who has placed list of what kind of Bimbos there are…

    Some Kari you can use this list to figure out what kind of Bimbo you what to become.

    From: "Rick"
    Date: Thu Jun 30, 2005 6:43 pm
    Subject: What kind of bimbo are you?

    There have been several posts recently regarding the definition of a bimbo. Typically, I stay out of these threads because in my view, there are many types of bimbos and I welcome and encourage them all equally.

    But since it's come up, I thought it might be a good idea to list the different types of bimbos and maybe spark some discussion. So here's my list - please reply if you think I left any out or put one there that doesn't belong.

    - Stereotypical Bimbo - This is a naturally occurring bimbo, though very rare. She is white, blonde, blue-eyed, large breasts (D to FFF), wears short, tight, sexy clothes, giggly, highly sexual, IQ of 75 to 90. Her focus is on having fun.

    - Trophy Wife/Girlfriend - Somewhat more "classy" then the stereotype, this bimbo might be self-made for the purpose of trapping a rich man. Possibly not white, blonde or blue-eyed, slightly smaller chest (C to DD), wears clothes that best reflect the man's position (at least publicly), IQ is average to high but never higher than the man. Her focus is on security.

    - Costumed Bimbo - Similar to the Stereotypical Bimbo but at a job requiring a specific uniform: maid, secretary, stewardess, fast food (car hop ;D), nurse, etc. May also include any bimbo that has to meet a given dress code such as cheerleaders.

    - Gold-digger - Similar to the trophy wife but is even more interested in her own self-interest. A Gold-digger will adopt whatever persona will get her the most. Her focus is on money.

    - Bimboslut - Very common. This type of bimbo will have many of the same characteristics of the Stereotypical Bimbo but might vary in some aspects. She differs in that she is much more sexual – sometimes to the point of nymphomania. Her focus is on sex.

    - Submissive Bimbo - All bimbos are submissive to some extent but this type is a bimbo BECAUSE she is submissive, BECAUSE her man wants her to be a bimbo. She would be just as happy with any other appearance as long as it's what her man wants. Her focus is on obedience.

    - Humiliation Bimbo - This is a variant form of Submissive Bimbo. A Humiliation Bimbo will exhibit most if not all characteristics of a Stereotypical Bimbo but will probably extend them even further - such as Her IQ is usually high - 110 or more but she acts as if it was low. The difference here is that she will hate being a bimbo, but revels in being forced into the life. Her focus is on humiliation.

    - Fetish Bimbo - Similar to the Stereotypical Bimbo, but with a fetish tilt. Often this is an extension of another fetish, such as the desire to have enormous breasts (FFF+) or extremely fake looking lips. You'll often see this type of Bimbo in leather or latex, especially now that these materials are available in colors other than black and red. A fetish bimbo will either lead a dual life or might show up in the sex industries.

    - Elegant Gothic Lolita - This is a subform of the Fetish Bimbo which is particularly popular in Japan. This type of Bimbo will strive to take on the appearance of a Victorian era girl's doll. Long blonde curly hair, petticoats and pinafores, opaque white tights, patent leather "mary jane" shoes.

    - "Rick's" Bimbos - All I require of a girl to grant her the title of Bimbo is a willingness to work toward becoming as feminine and desirable as she can be. My girls all start out as very smart but learn to redirect their "mental energy" into new pursuits like cosmetology and fashion.