Thursday, November 3, 2011

Full time job !

Kari Here :p

Being beautifull for u is a full time job lol !

I spend hours for preparing myself, u know !

First I have to make my skin fawless !

So foundation !! And I put my lens :p

My new nails are so cute, aren't they ?

Pink and white Eye shadows :3

So much fun ^^

Black and white for outlining  my eyes !

lot of mascara :p

And Pink blush

Pink lipstick and GLOSS !!!

And my hair !!! New style !!

DONE !!!

LOOK AT ME !! why should I resist ?

I'm so sexy its make me hawt just by looking me !!

I hope u see my boobies have been filled ;))

Thx so much for the tattoos !! I like the wings but still open for other ideas .


Kari <3   biggest post ever :o


  1. Kari, you look absolutely gorgeous.
    But There is one thing that disturbs me: Your Calves!!!
    They are so muscular. You look nearly like an female bodybuilder - far away from a sexy style.
    You should really do something about that...

  2. Baby, you're looking great! Love the long hair and the new boobs, too. And that outfit really shows off all your curves.

    Do bimbos always have to be blonde? I think your new hair style would look even more stunning if it was colored a shiny jet black!

  3. Even bigger implants?

  4. Way to much blush and your legs look gross...

  5. you are hot, sexy lady! how about a few poses where you bite your lip and play with your nipple or pussy rings? and maybe dial down the blush a little - your face was already very cute after the eye shadow - the blush was overkill...

  6. agree, too much blush :( i'm not a big fan of the bangs either lol, i feel like that + the excess blush kind of make you look too much like an old hag who is trying too hard D: but i know you have cute potential!!

  7. Come on give her a break people, she's trying. She's sexy, beautiful, and really "hawt"!! I love the new look by the way. People lets not forget what she's trying to achieve here, besides you can't see all that blush when she's in the club anyway! Kari keep up the endless pursuit to perfection Kari were behind you!!

  8. Just stunningly amazing.
    What do you think about pink accetns in your hair?
    I suggest new piece of jewelry - chain between the nipple rings.
    And about tattoo - I know that it is little extreme but what about a beauty spot tattoo on one of your cheeks? You know that kind of tattoo which pretends to be a sexy mole. Not necessarily round one, maybe star or heart shaped.

  9. I completely disagree with the rest here about her legs. You can tell she's been keeping up with her work on the treadmill like a good girl, and she has done well to keep curves everywhere on her body. You were born for this, Kari!

  10. like baby u r so totally hawt!
    we bimbos just like know how nice it is becoming a full time bimbo for the very first time!
    now you totally like knowz how incredibly hawt n naughty it is! andddd like every bimbo now you know that only some people can give youz the right thingies. i mean, some good rich boys can totally help you becumming a lot sexier, for their and YOUR pleasure. its sooo kewl!
    but, like, they dont know you now want to be even sexier than before. Soooo
    if you have any special needz
    you should, like, totally BEG them to help youz!
    I mean, if you ever would want to have... *moanz* bigger boobs,
    you could start begging them!
    only them can help you get even hotter hmmm
    like now you are there
    no sense in not asking anything you know you could have
    i mean
    once they will set you free
    you wont be able to be helped anymore... so... why not totally begin begging? teehee
    gawd you make all us bimbos wet here in SL
    why dont you come looking for us, Karikins?
    Mandi Kumms

  11. You look great Kari! Absolutely sexy!

    I think that it is time to reward you for been so good girl, maybe some new earrings. I think that that long hair looks great on you, but it can it longer for my taste.

    Can you do few naughty things for us like; making few sexy photos of yourself while pretending that you are poses for Playboy, pole dancing in sexy see-through lingerie or how about doing a very sexy striptease for us?

  12. Awww, you're so cute! You're looking amazing Kari. It's about time they filled those puppies up! They're starting to look great!
    I love the new hair and the makeup, although I agree that it's maybe a bit much... But if that's what makes you feel hot then that works for me!

  13. Oh my god! What happened to your spine!? O__O I think you might have to see a doctor!

  14. I personnaly love your heave makeup !! The most fake you are, the bimboer you'll become. Continue to use many decorations on your body. A real bimbo is a woman that seems like a doll.

    And I love how your ass is. Bending it like that, it's as if it is begging non stop for cocks. ^^

    One last thing : if you're becoming hot just by looking at you, maybe you're becoming to devlop lesbian tastes. You should ask for exclusive F.F magazines and videos, and even start to masturbate in front of your own reflection in the mirror. Or, why not, if you can obtain some pictures of your female friends, masturbate in front of these.

  15. "Continue to use many decorations on your body."
    What do you mean, exactly? ;>
    I say: no more piercings (at least no more facial piercings, but if you find some new places on your body and/or ears it might be interesting - double nipple piercings?? ;>), but what about some non piercing jewelry? Necklaces, armbands (including those worn on your upper arm "egyptian style"), nipple, waist and foot chains toerings and similar.
    What do you think about becoming full-time nudist? Or half-nudist, your boobs are so hot, that covering them is a sin!

  16. Are you getting dumber? It's like you've completely forgotten your primary goal here.

    Oh well, bring on the ditzy bimbo!