Friday, August 19, 2011

Daily Things

I'm finally able to sport again, but I have to wear a sport bra.
And it's more and more easy to walk with those heels.
They began to show soap operas on tv . They are clearly not the brightest things I have ever seen .

But what the hell they want from me ? I want to have some answers !!


  1. You have no idée how much trouble you’re in now Caroline…

    Those are not soap operas but reeducation programs to alter your personality! “They” use visual imagines to place post-hypnotic commands in your mind at subconscious level while stimulated pleasure areas in the brain making you abdicated to the stuff they make you do. Like the irresistible urge to obey any command “they” give you, the urge to stay health and sport, the urge to wear makeup, the urge like the color pink or the urge to place a blog if something big is or going happen to you.

  2. my guess on "what they want"... they probly want to turn you into their life-size doll that'll do whatever they want and even like being "played with"

  3. I want some answers too!

    ... Like when are they going to turn your swollen mosquito bites into proper 1400cc+ breasts?!

    No but for real, you gotta look at the silver-lining here... A least what they're doing to you is sexy and subtle... Be thankful you don't have a uni-boob.

  4. Come on, do you really want to know?
    Wouldn't it be better not knowing... letting it go...
    looking at yourself in that huge mirror... loving your looks? I think you are beginning to understand how nice it could be being... cute.

  5. I say don't worry your sexy little head, just watch tv and stay health

  6. yes watch tv.. arent those soaps relaxing?

  7. If they can censor her messages, they can censor our warnings. There's nothing we can do, Anon.

    Just let her watch the soaps, and enjoy the show as she starts to act more like a bimbo.

  8. Pretty good results. :)