Thursday, August 11, 2011


My name is Caroline XXXXX, I'm from XXXXX in XXXX and work as a XXXXX .

English isn't my first language, it's allow me to communicate to more people...

I'm only remember I was traveling in XXXX before I wake up in this  F**** Room !!

Yes, I'm still here , my plan failed !! Something stop me, but I don't have any memory of it...

I don't know why "they" are doing this to me !

It's even worse now... they have done my nails, I'm not used to type like this...

But it's nothing compare to this
I had breast surgery !!! Can you believe it ?!!
I think they give me's pretty painfull ...
I was instructed to leave one the post bra....I'm ok with that...

And it's not over, they don't want I run too fast so ...
They're locked...


  1. Hahaha no escape sweetie

  2. While you seem to have learned a bit about makeup, your hairstyle is rather plain and drab...

  3. I don't think she's going to have much choice about the hair soon anyway...

    Poor thing, struggling only makes it worse physically, but submitting makes the mind slip quicker. Quite a dillema, let them break your mind or watch them sculpt your body. Talk to us, how are you coping?

  4. Well, if she plays along, perhaps she'll get a reward to play with herself... Keep the stress down :)
    She could use some bangs on her hair though... color alone is not going to fix the mess she has on her head...

  5. if you ever try to escape again you might concider to NOT post it on the blog... you gave them a "catch me"-notice before you started your move ;x

    it'll be hard to do your workout with those shoes... now time will pass by even slower ><

  6. (Miss Autumn smiles quietly as Caroline pouts and shows off her pretty Bimbo shoes) "Natalie, give each of the boys on the capture team a case of beer to take home after their next shift; I heard our little mouse here turned out to be something of a 'spitting kitten' and put up a bit of a fight in the maze. Let Mac know about this; maybe we can use it to our advantage in her bimbo re-programming as I get the feeling there's one very wild and sexy woman just waiting to break out of this meek little shell. Also, let my stylist know Caroline's ready for her first makeover; tell her to bring lots of extensions for her hair because we want it BIG. And tell maintenance to install a stripper pole and lights around it during her next sleep cycle; our client in Japan wants out little Barbie Doll here to be an excellent exotic dancer as well as his personal whore...

  7. i really hope they are not done with your nails. I want talons for you bitch:-)

  8. Wow, your exercises will work completely new muscles with those shoes... I hope you know how to walk with heels, or at least are a quick learner... perhaps we could give some advice if you show your training routine?


  9. You'll find your next change to be a tad less significant. Has anyone ever told you you'd look great as a blond?

  10. Today, you have new learned a vaulable lesson. Do not post your plans online where the bad guys are watching.

    Okay, we defenitely can say that a doctor is involved in this plan. There is no way unprofessional would be do surgery on a person. Do you remember pissing off any surgeons recently that could be involved in this?

    *Looks at hair color poll* Blond? Isn't that a bit too obvious perverts? If the ultimate outcome if this is turning her into a sexy babe, can't she have a different hair color? It's so... average and plain. Mix it up people!

  11. again? someone lock firingwall in a room.

  12. Firingwall is right, how about pink hair. above and below. :)

  13. Pink room, pink hair above and.... not bad idea!

  14. I like how she announced her escape on the very blog that is used to monitor her interaction with the outside world.

    Not exactly bright, maybe this is all an elaborate scheme and she's in on it?

  15. Ugh she's dreadfully skinny too! A little more curves will be a luscious punishment!

  16. Well, I have been, um "convinced to help keep your location a secret from perople who wish to end this little "game" from ending too soon. Hope you enjoy platforms sweetheart. You'll learn to enjoy them. Also, don't think about trying to escape again, the nice people who have you, told me to put the experimental pheromones labeled "jock formula" in their beer. Lets say, they are going to be prepared to use force to keep you here.