Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lollipops !

Hi guys, it's me Caroline,

Some cc's have been had to my lips, I'm not sure of the result...but they leave me some lollipops !
I was missing candies !


  1. Want something to suck on slut?

  2. That's good practice using those luscious lips ...

    Can you become a bimbo and still stay so cute?
    Maybe a slutty schoolgirl look will work for you.

  3. Breasts look great in these pics too.

    I don't think you know why they left you to take pictures with that candy. Which leads me to believe there really is something in the food making you dumber. It could even be in that lollipop.

    Keep sucking.

  4. I think we need some more voting polls, they seem to help :) :) :D

  5. Maybe Caroline herself would like to suggest us what elese she want to change in her apperance?

  6. Wow, they look good, keep sucking!

    I still think they could be a lot fuller though, for a really sexy pout!

    Have to agree on the voting options as well, need to see some more of them.

  7. Oh, sweet Caroline... I'm happy to see your mind is adapting so fast. Dive into the feeling! You are getting so much cuter!

  8. Wait, did they add CCs to your lips? I can't see the difference :/

    Hmm, methinks you could do with a lot more. :D