Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh mon Dieu !

They did it ...I try to do my best to resist but I've been zap again ...

They did something to my lips, it's awful...I don't want to show it ...
At least they left some fresh clothes...

It's always better than my dirty clothes  ...


  1. You look pretty girly in pink!

    Don't be shy, show us your face!

  2. we know what happened to your lips... it was the result of the poll anyway (be happy it wasn't the tattoo or the piercing)

  3. Show or we will do something worse

  4. Looking at the third anonymous poster, my theory for one of the kidnappers to be a poster is stronger than ever. Also, my profile expands more on them. They seem to be the coward type. They haven't shown their faces, revealed any online user name, or even appeared to you; instead deciding to only text you. They are only brave when they are hiding since no one can see what they are. Prehaps they are thin or overweight individuals?

    Also, hope that room is well heated since those new clothes don't look like they can keep you warm properly. They seem to be made for excerise however.

  5. You can keep warm by using the exercise equipment in the room. Duh. And you can pass the time.

  6. I wish we could lock Firingwall in a room with no keyboard.

  7. Ha ha ha...

    Very funny. However, I do admit that last post was harsh and would like to take it back if you are offend by it.

    In response to Venus, my opinion on the clothing was more of an observation and guess of what it is like to be wearing the clothing. I figured she could keep warm anyways by exercise.

  8. For my part - and hating the anonymity forced upon me by the integrated google accounts - I feel that Firingwall has been _the_ most constructive and intelligent commenter on this blog. Keep it up.

    (No fun if everyone just tries to play da evil dudes.)