Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ok ...

Some of you talk about piercings ?! I only see there is a poll but not about what !
I hope this picture will be enough to satisfy "them" ...


  1. who knows if it'll help now...

    the choice with the highest number isn't the piercing... but it is something you will notice...

  2. And so the debauchery begins...

    (chuckles wickedly and lustfully)

  3. She gave in awfully fast. I mean... the poll didn't even close yet.

  4. Memo to staff: Stripper pole needs to be added to room.

    Miss Autumn

  5. Also, who told her to remove her pants? For someone so reluctant she seems pretty willing to remove a lot of clothes.

    I think she wants to be in this room.

  6. @Venus
    or she's scared... I wouldn't condemn her yet

    (and to wait till the poll is done is a bad idea 'cause it would be too late to do something against it)

  7. I don't think you get what topless means. I recommend trying again without your arm blocking the view. But hey, if you want a col- opps, almost spoiled the surprise.

  8. it seems the choise has been made... out of 216 voters (up to this point) 120 voted for the same thing...

    it isn't that lifechanging... but you'll definitely notice it...