Sunday, September 4, 2011

And now ?

Hi guys !

As you can see not only my eyebrows as been done .
My little wrinkles have vanished so I had botox or something like that.
And my breasts are bigger.

Do you like that ?

Thx very much to the people who gave me kind comments !

Kisses to them !


  1. You're look good, Caroline!

    Hmm ... you know that's not a good bimbo name ... You need a nickname, maybe Carrie ... or maybe spin it to Cherry ... perhaps another poll to help you decide?

  2. You don't even look like the same person here a few weeks ago...

  3. Your beauty is nearly complete, I don't think you can get any more perfect

  4. you look lovely, darling! Perhaps time for a couple of more piercings? And have you started exploring your lovely body yet? perhaps you need some new magazines or a vibrator to give you some new ideas?

  5. more piercings sounds like a good idea. tongue- and nipple-piercings are so hot. you should try it!

  6. Bigger tits, much bigger tits.

  7. The Breast are still too natural looking. 2000CC would be fine!

  8. Sexy... Very sexy indeed. I agree with “Anonymous1” you need a nice bimbo nickname, Cherry sounds perfect for you.

    I also agree with “Anonymous3” and “Anonymous4” that you can use couple of more piercings. Both tongue- and nipple-piercings are great idée, but what about a cute little clit piercing? Nipple-piercings are hot but nipplerings (in my opinion) are hotter and it also show you to be how a good submissive little slut you are.

    In addition, you breast look great but they can always bigger. However, your butt is a bit small and it needs few inches to become a nice sexy booty. Also to make a nice and very sexy hourglass figure may look great on you.

    I did not have the chance to place my definition of a bimbo, so this bit of a later comer.

    The perfect bimbo wants to be desired by man both physically as sexually, slave for passion, her mind lost sexually pleasure, willing to do anything to taste sweet nectar of sex again, and again, and again….

  9. Oh, yes ... nipple rings would be a nice touch!

    Can we get a full body look again, with as little clothing as possible? Then we could see how your figure is shaping up.

  10. Hi baby... The cuter they help you to become, the more you'll obviously see what your weak points are. So i guess you could totally begin telling us your opinion about your new body...and what you would love to improve now that you have the chance of your lifetime.
    I especially love your own comments, you know? I think you are adapting to all this so nicely, loving your new sexy looks. I know you are still very far from those sexy models in that website... But now you can hope, dont you think? Isnt it nice knowing you could become the most important thing a girl can be... A sexy, naughty, curvy fuckdoll? Go all the way for it baby, we all know you are still a bit confused but... Dont you think you are sooo much better now?

  11. why don't you just take a moment to relax with a cigarette, dear?

  12. yepp nipple Rings is need you !
    You need new nick name CHERRY is maybe perfect! (but cherry is red, not pink name) my opinion. Bigger tits yess and round ass!
    And some aprodisiac to improve your lust for expose yourself and little vibrator and bigger one two, your holes... you need to become a sexy, naughty, curvy modell !!!

    Need full body picture, with micro clothes to see your changed body! You are a modell if you disobey need another punishment! So be nice and ..

  13. please don't smoke! better take another lollipop

  14. I don't know why people think 'smoking is sexy'...

    slowly killing yourself and the people around you doesn't sounds too appealing to me...

    I'm up for the lollipop-idea if there has to be something in your mouth...

  15. I agree; smoking is NOT sexy.

    Instead of a cigarette, I'd like to see a smile on those pretty lips of yours. Be happy; embrace your future as beautiful, desirable, and newly uninhibited bimbo!