Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At work

Hi guys !!

As promised :p

Like my lollipops , it tastes so nice !! This flavor was unknown to me :o


Kari <3


  1. wow, now those lips are just perfect....wait, no they need a sexy lower lip ring...mmmmm yes

  2. You should practice taking it deep down your throat. I'd love to see those beautiful lips go all the way to his pink balls! I'll bet the deeper you go, the better the taste. (At least that's the way I would design it.)

  3. She has changed a lot... if she still just playing along? Or has something more been done..

  4. I love your face at the 2nd pic.
    You could do experiments with make up,
    like babyblue or silver or gothicblack eyeshadow.
    You could do different bimbo-types,
    like girly, hooker, emo, ...

  5. 'Venus R Becky' makes a good point; her dialogue seems to be getting more ... child-like? I'm expecting the giggling to start soon.

  6. Venus Becky is right, its clear that Kara has been given something that is stripping out her intteligence, i doubt she can even relate to Caroline now.

  7. you're graet, but a tongue piercing should help !

  8. Dear god, never do a close up like that again. Your eyelashes scare me (also, the way the shot is done, you look like a conehead).

  9. Awww babez u r becummin jusst like us! yay! like totally hawt and cute and sexy and like nawtee too! gawd, cant waitz to read youz tellin us more about yr new needz! like, you totally should beg them to help you get hawter, you deserve it!

  10. ... "Boomboom" ?? ... Really??!

    And "Firingwall" ... learn to appreciate the good things ... like those luscious lips and the sexy tongue action ... is that a little dab of pink sperm on the tip of her tongue?

  11. Thanks to the lollipops, you have started to put sweets with a man's genitals, or the mannequin's genitals in this case.