Friday, September 9, 2011

Kari !

Hi guys !!

I love Kari so much ! It's exactly what I wanted; kisses to Anonymous3 !

I did my best to have the same pose of the other picture, you could easily see my progress !

It seems something is coming, I heard lot of noise behind the door...I'm anxious by that despite my smile ...




  1. Nice to meet you, Kari.

  2. It's nice to see you smiling, Kari.

    It's good to be anxious, but don't worry ... whatever is coming will be to make you even more beautiful!

  3. Oh wow! You should do more of these comparison shots Kari, they're great!

  4. I don't know if I should be happy for you that you accepted you fate or being sorry that you start to lose yourself...

    either way... have a good time with the new name...

  5. you still need bigger tits =D

  6. I think more tattoos and piercings are in order to go along with the new name...

  7. Breasts about twice that size should do nicely

  8. Hello Kari, you sexy babe.

    You looking great, but you still long way to go in order to becoming a bimbo.

    I think that you need an hourglass figure to show off your sexy body of yours, that means bigger breasts and a lot more ‘juke in your trunk’, a bigger butt.

    Few more piercings as a tongue- and nipple-piercings makes you look sexier, also show how good submissive little slut you are to us. Like I have said before nipple-piercings makes you look hot, but nipple rings (in my opinion) makes you look hotter.

    One more thing, you have only place ONE, only counting ONE poll, since They give you control over the Poll System.

    Don’t you want to become a bimbo? Don’t you want to become babe of every man’s wet dream? Don’t you want to be sexy? Don’t you want to be a beautiful? Don’t you want to make use happy? Don’t you want to have any more lollipops?

    If you are not going to place a Poll very soon, then I advise THEM to take way your freedom over Poll System as punishment for being naughty girl.

  9. now, more than ever, you are getting aware of your infinite possibilities. you could totally become a living wet dream. and this chance really shouldnt be wasted. You even know, or you are starting to know, what you really shoud do to become hotter, better, sexier, cuter. you can choose. you can beg. you can dream and hope to see your dreams fulfilled, no matter what the cost could be. so you should now start to be methodical, like the good secretary you once were: look at that site and find the best nails, and try to make yours better; find the best legs, and beg them to help you to get yours hotter; and so on. you have all the time in the world and a unique chance you can't waste: being hot, hotter, the hottest; gettin sexy, sexier, the sexiest; you couldnt afford to be daring, baby, but now... get vain. you totally can.

  10. I like what 'Ash' said ... "get vain". Vanity is needed if you want to become a bimbo. Also, the more you like yourself, the more you will want others to like you, which is kind of what being a bimbo is all about.

  11. Kari, perhaps you should start spending more time exploring you new sexy self. nipple rings could jump start the process or if your captors end up piercing your clitoris you will involuntarily start playing with yourself?Kari, perhaps you should start spending more time exploring you new sexy self. nipple rings could jump start the process or if your captors end up piercing your clitoris you will involuntarily start playing with yourself?

  12. You can try writing with third person. Rich and more importantly vain people do that.

    "Kari is welcoming you" etc.

    That's very bimbo-ish.

    (Bien sûr c'est seulement pour faire croire aux ravisseurs que tu rentres mentalement dans leur jeu, évidemment que tu vas te remettre à parler comme avant une fois sortie.)

  13. Hello Kari, you sexy babe.

    Yes! Piercing her clitoris! Give Kari those sexy nipple rings and a cute little clit piercing!

    Also we have asked that old, boring, ugly buckling of a “Caroline” so many times to explore yourself, encourage her to naughty things and to masturbate, what did we get? NOTHING!

    Now that you have become Kari you have became a beautiful swan ready to spread out her lovely wings, so be naughty, touch your body, explore your new sexy self, masturbate yourself into mindless bliss of happiness.

    Please make us happy…

  14. Kari, you're beautiful! Now, we have to make you a ditz!

  15. I really like the idea of nipple rings, too! (maybe even a chain running between them?)

    But your breasts need to be larger first.

  16. darker tan, bigger boobs, facial tattoo/piercing, pierced nipples,...

  17. Gawd, people... this is not s grocery list. This girl HAS TO BE ENCOURAGED to let her sensuality ooze out, not squeezed like a toothpaste tube. Soon she will learn to accept your needs but right now she is still learning. You should be more cautious, sweeter, inviting her to try her body inch by inch, dont you think? Soon she'll be eager to be used but now she still... is running along the edge of her past. Show her how nice it could be being sensual, let her discover her new world. Let her think by herself her next needs. Be gently pushy. Soon she will beg us to get harder with her... and it will be the best of the moments, dont you think?

  18. nipple piercings would be nice