Sunday, September 11, 2011

The mannequin

Hi guys !!

When it was time to retrieve my diner, the mannequin turn on !!

So I take it ...

And rub it as a real one ... I'm not really an experiment girl ... it was weird, it warmed, hardened and grew ... as a real one ...

The expression changed !

So I continued and speed-up  !

And after several minutes of this, the door opened ! And I could finally take my food !

I had to repeat it , each time, it seems more difficult to satisfy  ...

Maybe you can give me tips for hand job ?




  1. From what you sat, I think a hand job may not be enough next time. They are training you how to satisfy a man. Eventually you will have to use your pretty mouth, and then ... who knows how far you will have to go.

  2. So much to mock and joke about that machine, not enough time. To sum up, what does that machine measure and how the hell does it measure it?

  3. you need to pour yourself into it, use your whole body not just your hands

  4. 'Firingwall', if a scientific description is necessary in a fantasy, here is my suggestion:

    The penis could have sensors just beneath the artificial skin that react to pressure (when held), heat (from friction when rubbed), and moisture (like when placed in her mouth). If placed in her vagina you would get all three factors at once, of course, producing the best results from the mannequin.

    The sensors would then relay the collected data to a processor in the mannequin which would regulate how much the penis enlarges by pumping an artificial fluid into it, mimicking increased blood and semen flow. The physical rigidness and length of the penis, or possibly just the fluid level used, would then be relayed back to the processor to activate an electronic relay to open the door when a certain threshold is reached. The processor could also be programmed to raise the threshold requirement each time the penis is activated until it is eventually maxed out.

    I'm thinking at that point, dear Kari, you may have to 'fuck' it whenever you want to open the door.

  5. Be careful - that thing could be coated with something makes you addicted to the process... you may end up doing it even when there's no food reward.

  6. Darling, if that "thing" is as anatomically correct as you suggest, you should consider getting your tongue pierced - I think that may drastically increase speed with which you'll be able to open the door. Because you hand is going to get pretty tired...

    Have you figured out if it's the physical back-n-forth motion that opens the door or whether the "handle" needs to be a certain temperature? Depending on what it's mechanism is, in the worst case scenario, you may need to back into that pole "doggy style".

  7. Bimbo Intelligence Test #1: Effort - Reward

    Similar to the Primate Intelligence Test: Effort – Reward.


    See how determined, willing and “smart” the female subject is to cause a sexual reaction by the Humanoid Interface, if she succeeds she gets the Reward (aka the food). Overtime it becomes hard to get a sexual reaction from Humanoid Interface, so the female subject has to try harder to get a sexual reaction from Humanoid Interface or starve to death…

  8. If the hand job does not work anymore do a blowjob! If the Blowjob does not work anymore go "doggy style". and if "doggy style" does not work anymore then go anal...

  9. AllgirlshsouldbebimbosSeptember 12, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    This is a great new machine! I definitely like the tongue piercing idea above, because handjobs aren't going to cut it. A bimbo slut like you needs to be an expert at blowjobs. Get to it cunt.

  10. Wait! Wait!!
    This is unbelivable!!
    I was expecting something like the screen showing porn or asking to Kai to masturbate in from of us for opening the door... But this is just so sci-fi...
    I'm wondering if this is just a fiction! I've lost interest...

    By the way if this is real... probably your kidnappers aren't english-men because the first sentence on the screen is clearly not in english!!

  11. Firingwall and the last Anon got it right!
    If this machine is real...They are genius!!

  12. This could be a great way to give her a 'bimboization' drug. If she has to blow it, the mannequin could 'cum' in her mouth. And if it tastes really good, or is addictive, she will need to keep getting more!

  13. Love your nails! They need to me longer though!

  14. as many have said it before me... the machine exists to lower your inhibitions...

    the example with the ape is quite good... "giving fellatio equals reward"... given enough time you can't seperate those thoughts and enjoy giving blow jobs expecting a reward (and if it's just the cum)

    (I wonder how much of the old Caroline is still inside your head and how much you're already broken)

  15. Two words FUCK HANDJOBS!!!
    Twelve year olds are the only boys who find one satisfying so unless you wana starve you should suck a fucking dick

  16. "Maybe you can give me tips for hand job ?"

    Pretty Kari; As you can probably tell from the comments here (some kinder than others), you don't need tips for a hand job. It is obvious to all of your fans here that hand jobs, no matter how well done, will soon not be enough to open the door.

    You are going to need to work on your blow job skills. If you use your new toys first, it will put you in a mood to be more successful at this.