Monday, September 26, 2011

Banged !

Kari here !

I've been banged lol
I waked up with this haircut, it's exactly what I had in mind ^^
Kissies for your votes !

I love my make up, I become quite good in it :p

For my bum, I read things about Brazilian Butt lift and fat injections .
It could be nice :)


Kari <3


  1. I love your new style.
    But I'd really like to see you becoming more and more vulgar in your speach, vocabular, poses, clothes, and behaviour.
    Have you ever considered to become a Super Pornstar ? It would suit you very well, and I bet you'd find it funny too.
    And just think about it : pornstar is one level above the bimbo !!! Don't you want to achieve such sexuality ??? ;)

  2. I knew from your last pics that I was going to like your haircut. You look like a teenager again! That look is just too cute to turn trashy ... don't give in to the pressure to go too far (if they give you a choice, that is).

    Definitely work on your butt, but don't mess with your lovely face.

  3. the pink stuff on your cheeks is making you look like a manequin - you are quite lovely without it and don't really need it. have you thought about getting some highlights or lowlights to give you hair more "umpff" ?

    And since you seem to like to do naughty things now... perhaps you should post some more pictures of you doing naughty things? You like it and we like it too ;p. Or you could tell us? have you been playing with your clit?
    Elgregou is right - you should take it to the attitude to the extreme. I bet you like thinking about how hot you are and how all eyes would be on you in the club? You saucy little minx...

  4. So moe I'm gonna die.

  5. Latex outfit would look lovely on u.

  6. You look great honey. But what you really miss are some more piercings and tattoos. I am sure the other guys (and girls) agree with me.

    When you got out of there give me a call ;)

  7. For my taste, this kind of bang looks to plain and prissy.
    I would like to see a more pornstar-like haircut like shorter front and bigger back hair, maybe with waves in there.
    But i like your shiny top. (The other Anonymous did not saw the shine, because your top is so bright. On a pink ore rose or babyblue top, the shine would be better visable.)
    ... I would love to see you in a slutty and way to short and tight leather jacket ...

  8. Love your new hairstyle! Now you have to focus on some other aspects. I would suggest a new manicure and get some new nails, like duckfeet nails or something similar. Then you need to get new implants and a new warerobe. Some new sexy high heel platform shoes wouldn't hurt either.

  9. My god, you're adorable! It gives you a much less mature look, which is great for someone that is soon to be a ditz.

  10. Mother of god! What have you done with your hair?

  11. I feared it would be something like this...
    those straight bangs are not everyones type... (at least I dislike it from the bottom of my heart)

  12. now you just gotta trade IQ points into cup sizes ;)

  13. What about these items for your closet?

    I think that could be pretty sexy with your new look. And new piercings soon...

  14. Those bangs look need a side fringe...

  15. Nice website!
    These ones are cool, too:
    (but the second one in a lighter colour)

  16. oooh like gawd u r totally greatz! hmm u like totally could start to beg them directly, hunni, to make you look like hawter! Me meanz, like, beggin them to make your titties sexier or your butt firmer and curvier! I think they will read youz if youll beg them properly!