Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hi guys,

I find this picture on the phone, I'd changed so much ... 
It was the real Caroline... I let myself go all those years ...

So you are right maybe I could use a nickname .
Cherry is ok but I want a sexier version of Caroline like :

K-ro ; K@ro ; Carolina ; Line ; Lina ; Leena

What do you think of ? 



  1. Kari. But you have to dot the "i" with a heart.

  2. Carrie? Carli? Lily? All sound like a bimbo.

  3. What's your last name? You might get a good name out of combining bits of both, and if it's special enough you won't need a last name anymore, everyone will know you just from your new name

  4. Kari and Caley sounds cute enough... And this pic reminds me that perhaps you still haven't gotten your monroe piercing - that would look pretty sexy on you...?

    You've been pretty compliant with your captors... perhaps they should give you a vibrator as a reward... something to help pass time and put a smile on that beautiful face?

  5. It is good that you are willing to compromise now. You are willing to give up being Caroline, but wish to pick your own nickname... your new ... "identity".

    I agree with Anonymous #1; Cari would be a very nice name for you.

  6. As if I have said before you want to leave this Room, you have to stop being “Caroline”! You may be on the right way but you really need to let go of everything of your past self, including your old life, your old looks and identity.

    In addition, the best way to do that is to let go of your name, do not give us a sexier version of our name, that only shows us that you are not willing to give up you name for us. And give up your birth name makes you become a bimbo faster which interns They may let you out of this Room faster.

    Remember you are not “Caroline” anymore, just good look at that picture and then mirror. You will not see “Caroline” believe me…

    (P.S. I still think that Cherry is the perfect name for the new you)

  7. what about Carrie or Kari?

  8. Seconding 'Kari', such a sexy name!

  9. Gawd, love that wonderful new gaze you have in your last blonde picture. Looks like a new person is born, so eager to know if she can tease with her body, seduce with her curves and her new sexy face. You still can't be sure you will be able to be a real sexy magnet: so... you should really start to beg your captors to improve your beauty. is there anything more important now, Kari, to you? is there anything more important in the world but your new looks? i'm sure you already know the answer: no, you need to get hotter than every girl you have ever seen to be finally free. so... maybe beggin them could help. are they letting you see any TV other than those soaps, btw?

  10. Kari is good, too. (It's just Cari with a "K".)

    I'm anxious to see if your next picture reflects your new resolve to accept change.

    P.S. - And I hope you will be able to smile!

  11. Kari sounds good, sounds very good indeed. Sound ten times better then Cherry.

    Kari is also the name of an anime character, Kari Kamiya, from the anime and manga series Digimon Adventure series. I love her, so kind and innocent. Alter she became very attractive teenager in the Digimon Adventure 02.

    We need you a new identity right? Kari Kamiya is truly perfect new name for you “Caroline”.