Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling the beat

Kari here !

This last day, my room is transformed in a real club during some hours !!
I can't stop dancing... it's feeling so natural with my now toned and flexible body...
I love this :o and even more when I see myself *confused*

In your comment, some of you speak about trashy things for me :( 
but if I have to be a bimbo I want to be at least a sweet one !!

They ask me to tell you that if you want to send me clothes, you have to use their money found .


Kari <3


  1. You could combine the bimbo and the pornstar style. That's not too difficult. I think many people here would love to see you doing nasty things, for a change.

  2. I think you look great as is. I wonder though, how are they controlling you?

  3. you already are a sweet bimbo!
    the nastyer the better, i always say ;)

  4. Wow - now the the shine of your pink latex is very good visable - THAT is a real good dance outfit!

  5. oooh r u beginning to feel hawt babe?

  6. Hello, sweet Kari,

    If there is a dance club, you should definitely practice pole dancing. If you get good at it, I'll bet your captors will get you a job when you are ready to leave ... especially if you ask them nicely.

    P.S. - You will still be sweet with a bigger butt.

  7. It seems you will have new piercings. So you'll have to do with a sluttier attitude ;). I hope you will have rings instead of studs.

  8. I vote for nipple rings!

  9. I vote for this too, but something flashy, with jewel hanging from the rings for example.

    By the way, it's been a long time without any news... :(

  10. Long long time... No news from her... Sure her captors are losing interest

    1. I'd beg to differ, my boss has just been very busy with other buisness, they are still very much interested in cute little Kari here. If not, I would be dead.