Saturday, September 10, 2011

New addition

Hi guys,

I think they heard you, they give me a sex toy, but not only one ...

Look at that !

When I was sleeping, they bring those dildos, shoes and this strange mannequin

I'm sure to have more informations about all of this soon




  1. You seem excited. That's good.

  2. Your nails look very nice - glad to see you're putting the finishing touches on them. And we appreciate that you are taking the time to do that and to look good for us. Every time I see your hot lips, I think they need to be adorned with a piercing as well. You may grow to like a tongue piercing later, but I think you'll decide on that on your own. Perhaps after you play with the sex toys you'll want to pierce a few other places for your pleasure.

    On a different note, some of us really liked your sexy behind - perhaps you should consider some new sexy poses. For example, see the girls on - the set by Brittney Skye “All Red” (penthouse) may give you some ideas. And perhaps a new wardrobe?

  3. Hey Kari since your looking for improvements how about a pink latex corset.

  4. Hi, Kari, you sexy babe

    They have giving you new shoes? That means that they removed the locks on your old shoes… That means that you can move around on you naked feet and wear those new shoes. You must have being very good girl.

    Remember that Kari, good girls to gifts and toys, bad girls get punishment.

    I got request for you lovely Kari, will you please place a new poll, I was hoping that you would place allot more polls after you placed your first one; I and the other people just want to help you to become more beautiful.

    If you don’t have ideas to improve yourself you can always look that the wish lists we place in the comments, there are a lot of people how want to see you have bigger breasts, other like me want to see you have bigger butt. Other says that tongue- and nipple-piercings makes you look sexy, if not sexier.

    As if I have said few times before nipple-piercings makes you look hot Kari, but nipple rings in my opinion makes you look hotter, some people are agreeing with me.

    It is your choice, but I hope that you consider what I have said.

    Wish you a lot of love and good luck.

    The Nameless Stranger

  5. Well, I think it is time to spice things up. What do you think about new piercind and/or tattoo?

  6. I love that still innocent looking expression on your face ... I hope you never lose that.

    And I really love your lips! I want to kiss you.

  7. Your boobs looks great in this shot! Can that mannequin become erect?

  8. It would be nice knowing what you are feeling now, Kari. Those dildos, those wonderful heels.. Sure ypu are pleasing them, so they are happy and they send you those presents. So easy, so nice, so much fun, so good. You are becoming a good girl, Kari. And good girls are allowed to become cuteys and... Have fun with nice, naughty toys. Cuz toys can totally help them feeling good. Have you ever used one, kari? Try the smallest one. Handle it, turn it on, lick it... And stop thinking. Your body will know what you can do, then. Let us know how you feel, baby, it will sure please us.

  9. Omg hunniez... Imma bimbo myselfz and i like totally can't wait to see youz becoming like US!
    Aren't your lips gorgeous. I luv how now u aren't able anymore to close your lips... they are beginning to, like, get really full. A little more puff could make them even better but... you'll beg them to pump them up again laterz, I'm sure.

  10. Thank god the shipment came in on time! One more day and I'd be dead, they don't exactly like loose end like me if they fired me running around. The shoes and dildos, easy. The mannequin had to be custom ordered. You better use that thing Kari.

  11. Whats that blue thing sticking out of your side in the first pic?