Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cute !

Hi guys !

Despite what I read, I find myself really cute in this outfit ;p

For the piercing, I want something sexy but not in a gothic style !!




  1. you could say it is formfitting... how long it'll stay that way is up to your "benefactor"...

  2. Silly Kari... I realize that I'm falling into a minority here, but out of your three choices... Well, nose piercing is the most predictable and safe choice. Lip is perhaps a little too weird, although I'm not sure what you mean. Now, Monroe? Monroe is exotic and sexy. I'm sad that that's not what you'll be wearing next time you post a picture, but you have become a vision of beauty regardless.

    And you are right. You are really "cute" in the outfit. But you could be "sexy". Don't you find it exciting that you have so many admirers that find you very attractive? Many anonymous strangers that check your blog daily? Wouldn't it be nice to do something for them? Can you strike a different pose? What about asking for a pair of thigh high boots to show off those long legs of yours? You are a vision of loveliness. You are a sexy goddess. Don't be afraid to embrace it.

  3. I agree you are very cute in that outfit, but is 'cute' what your captors want? They said only a bimbo can leave, didn't they?

    Maybe you are starting to enjoy yourself, and are not in a hurry to leave?

    Anyway, I think a small stud in your nose to match the one in your belly button will be sexy and cute.

  4. i think a monroe piercing would look cute on you, not too gothic but it will work well for you. i also love your outfit, kinda like a mix of a schoolgirl and cheerleader in a way

    Thunder X

  5. Kari, just think a little more...
    Before becoming like this, you were totally agains it.
    Now, you find yourself cute, so you must assume that you were mistaking before.

    So, now, you don't want to become gothic or "slutty" because you assume that it will not satisfy you. But don't you think you are repeating the same error as before ?
    I'm sure that there are many other layers of your personnality that you are not aware about, and that only wait to be discovered. And I'm sure that you will love to discover your limits, and that you'll love to do extreme things you didn't think you could do before.

    And one more thing : I don't think that you're in a position to make decisions. If you want to leave this room one day, you will have to become what we want you to become.

  6. Disagree. You look perfect in that outfit. Sexy, alluring and certainly enticing. This is a look that both works for you and you can work it. Put your hair in curlers and a sweaterdress; you'd be the perfect modern slut update to Marilyn.

    Speaking of which, have you considered dermal piercings? A monroe would look wonderful, but I feel like getting dermals on either side of your clavicle would highlight your cleavage WONDERFULLY while still being out of the box.

  7. I am still waiting for some skimpy pink pvc dress myself.

  8. I got a very special request for you Kari, can you do fashion show for us. Please show us all the different outfits you already have now, maybe we can give you new ideas for new cloths and outfits you can ask from your captors.

    Here a small wish list of outfit or cloths I like to see you wearing.

    Naughty Schoolgirl Outfit
    Sexy Cheerleader Outfit with Pink Pompoms
    Pink Princess Dress (
    Pink Maid Costume (
    Pink Nurse Costume (
    Pink Swim Suit and/or Bikini
    Pink Short Shorts
    Sexy Underwear (like a Pink Thong)
    Pink See-through Nightdress

  9. aawww, come on... its always the node or the monroe... its time for something new!! the lip sounds good to me!
    please the lip

  10. I agree with the previous post. It's always the pink clothes, blond hair, nose stud...
    We have the power to make her change into something sexy, orginal, and different... and we always have the classic bimbo who is like 99% of the others. I must say I'm a little disappointed.

  11. Actually, I'd say to go less not more extreme! I think Kari has a "cuteness" quality that is not typical to bimbo's, and I'd like to see her keep that. Cute can be sexy, too!

  12. Well, I think that nose ring would look great on you. Yes! Not a stud, but a ring. Of course not through your septum, but through your nostril. Little thin ring. It would look so original! Not gothic at all but pure original and cute. And if you wont't like it, you could always change it to a stud.


    Isn't a real fashion victim mad for stylish jackets? And of course bimbos are mad for useless ridiculous tight bare midriff jackets made of white leather or pink pvc. Or what about a shiny babyblue bare midriff puffy down jacket with a silver snow crystal print.
    So if you want to come out of this room as a real bimbo, you need an outfit for cold days, like white tight pointy highheel boots, liquid metal leggings (maybe a nice 3D work;-) and a "warm" jacket.
    Oh - or what about a corset worn over a jacket. Isn't that street hooker style? Wouldn't that be humiliating?